I'm a developer, designer, and writer who has been working in the crypto space since 2014. I've been building digital products, going from inception to scale, for the past 14 years.

Currently, I am a Product Engineer at Tutellus, where I have been too teaching in the tokenization, DeFi, and Web3 master's programs for the past three years. In parallel, I mentor and provide strategic and product guidance to projects launched by Tutellus Ventures. By night, I am on a journey to build 100 side projects in search of profitable and scalable digital products.

Previously, I developed Bitcoin (Lightning) and Ethereum-based financial services at Turinlabs. Before that, I helped grow anfix, the biggest cloud-based ERP for SMEs in Spain & LATAM, connected Bitcoin to more than 10,000 traditional ATMs at Bit2Me, and started and exited a company in my last year at college.

I've taught leaders at companies such as PwC, Iberdrola, Deloitte, BBVA, and Santander about the business value of blockchain since 2015 with my now deprecated Blockchain Toolkit online course. In 2017, I co-authored the book "Blockchain: La revolución industrial de internet" (8 editions).

From 2018 to 2020, I led the blockchain practice at UST Global, working with companies such as General Electric, Clifford Chance, Endesa, Instituto de Empresa (IE), Santander, Santander Consumer Finance, and Tesla, among several others Fortune 500 companies. I've also created the NFT collection decentralists.xyz.

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